mandala as an investment


If you’ve always wanted to lead a more sustainable life and you’ve been dreaming of living in an eco-village, then an investment in Lombok would really make a difference in not only your life, but the world. Mandala Eco-Village promises to play its part in building a better future for both the planet and its population. Your property investment will contribute towards global solutions for world problems and create an example of sustainability for our world to follow.

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Land Ownership in Indonesia

On track to be one of the top vacation destinations in Indonesia, buying land in Lombok is highly lucrative for foreign investors. We help clients understand the Indonesian property ownership structures available to foreigners, the steps that need to be followed to invest in land or property, and the required licenses. Invest Islands has spent significant time and resources to establish the correct legal structure to ensure full compliance with Indonesian foreign land ownership laws, as well as Hong Kong (Commonwealth) investment regulations.

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the Process


Speaking with our general manager, we will answer your questions, but also, crucially, we will ask our own. What is your primary reason for wanting to enter Mandala? What is your vision and dream for the project? What skills and passions can you offer to the community?

Choose Your Plot

Keen to protect natural green space, we are providing oversized plots with the caveat that only 20% can be built upon. Rice paddies, rolling hills, and the beautiful wild will remain untouched and at your back door.

Select Villa Design

In collaboration with Bali-based architecture firm Studio WNA, the Mandala Eco-Village has access to the best experts in the field of bamboo construction to offer four aesthetic yet affordable investment options. A focus on economical development practices and sustainability does not mean a compromise on quality or luxury.

Join the Community

Mandala is a community of permanent residents, short-term visitors, local islanders, and international expatriates. It also welcomes travelers eager to live sustainably as a temporary experience. While residents’ backgrounds vary remarkably, values rarely differ and people are ecologically aware, respectful of nature, resourceful, cooperative, time generous, and committed to protecting the environment.