Ever Wondered What It’s Like Living The Village Life? A sustainable lifestyle and living greener is everything your mind, body, and soul needs!


Village Life

Life in the Mandala Eco-Village area is relaxing and peaceful. Co-living is essential to inhabitants of eco-villages as everyone wants to live in harmony with one another and the environment. Mandala Eco village communities work by promoting social, economic, and environmental sustainability, and ultimately a green lifestyle. We also offer unity, freedom, and peace.

Use Natural Resources

Respect for nature includes using renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, and reclaimed building materials. A huge part of living sustainably is producing no waste. Mandala Eco-Village uses sustainable items, re-use what we can, and recycle what we can’t.

Educate the Community

Mandala Eco-Village promotes positive values like ecology, solidarity, equality, tolerance, generosity, diversity, hospitality, respect, collaboration among people, and self-sufficiency. Live in a sustainable community with shared visions of a sustainable life.

Successful Co-Existence

Commitment to these ideals encourages dialogue and participation in communities that resolves disputes through discussion, and whose members are more likely to take part in decision making. Every single member of the village may have an input in this process, if they want to.

Responsible Economy

Mandala Eco-Village chooses regenerative technologies and activities, such as bioclimatic architecture and organic agriculture, and does not use machinery or chemical pesticides that harm the land. Mandala also consumes less energy to help the fight against global warming.


Mandala Eco-Village offers an outstanding sustainable lifestyle that is connected and in touch with nature. It is more than just a housing development, it's a community of like-minded people, and any good community comes with amenities for the residents.

Medical Clinic

A medical clinic is there to provide solutions for healthcare needs of the Mandala Eco-Village community. One of the most essential community facilities in the village.

Green School

Mandala Green School International is a global education network, committed to creating a global community of learners, with a focus on making our world sustainable. The program works with students to think and act sustainably with their head, heart, and hands. They discover their values, interests, and talents. In this way, sustainable thinking and acting gradually becomes natural.

Permaculture Garden

Creating communal vegetable gardens and planting fruit is an integral part of village life. The community will manage these gardens, and everyone will work together to grow food for all community members. These will be plotted around the village green, an open space for all to enjoy!

Community Center

The community center will be a great place to meet, share a dinner, and engage with other residents. A chance to be social and foster active relationships with other like-minded individuals.

Restaurants/ Bars/Shops

In the center of Mandala Eco-Village are places for restaurants offering a menu with dishes prepared with local produce. Here you can also enjoy shops that provide local crafts and other goods.

Yoga Retreats

A wellness retreat is an ideal choice for those who want to escape the dreariness of everyday life and reconnect with themselves. Mandala Eco-Village is a place of natural harmony to release, refocus, and recalibrate. It is the ideal spiritual pathway to discover yourself.


Experience Mandala Eco-Village

We love showing our community to visitors from around the world, so meet and experience the pioneers of this unique culture on one of the educational programs from Mandala Eco-Village.

Seminar & Workshop

Learn how to implement sustainability initiatives in your own life with interactive workshops and seminars. You can attend community events and develop your knowledge in sustainability and living greener.


Volunteer and stay with us at the Mandala Eco-Village and have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement and maintenance of our local, organic food system and other programs tailored to your specific interest.