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Invest Islands is an ideal partner for forward-thinking investors, offering comprehensive services that span across multiple locations, including Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Australia. From land sourcing and design to construction, management, consultancy, and resales, Invest Islands provides end-to-end solutions to cater to the diverse needs of investors.

Invest Islands'

Invest Islands is a prominent Lombok real estate investment company known for its stylish and sustainable projects. Founded in 2015 by Kevin Deisser and Jack Brown, the company's mission is to discover undervalued plots of land throughout the Indonesian archipelago and collaborate with acclaimed architects and designers to create exceptional developments that elevate the destination's reputation.

With a deep commitment to protecting the environment and benefiting local communities, Invest Islands brings a unique sense of style and sustainability to its premium projects. One notable example of Invest Islands' dedication to eco-development is Mandala.
As an outstanding project, Mandala exemplifies the company's expertise in seamlessly merging style and sustainability. Through innovative design, renewable energy solutions, and eco-conscious practices, Mandala serves as a shining example of responsible and sustainable real estate development.

This remarkable project not only offers an upscale living experience but also preserves the natural beauty of its surroundings, showcasing Invest Islands' unwavering commitment to creating high-quality, environmentally conscious developments that positively impact both residents and the local community.

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Ongoing Projects

Gran Meliá Lombok
Mandala Eco Village
Land Development
Tene & Lisi

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Invest Islands

The Invest Islands Foundation, as the philanthropic division of Invest Islands, is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals within the communities where we operate. Concentrating on fundamental areas such as education, health, employment, and environmental sustainability, the foundation has initiated several crucial projects with the goal of enhancing the quality of life in disadvantaged villages and paving the way for local residents to better their circumstances.

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Community-based Reforestation Project (CARES)

The Cares project is an initiative focused on forest reforestation grounded in community involvement. This program's primary aim is to employ agroforestry methods for reforestation, positioning the community as the vanguard of this effort. Recognizing the forest as a vital lifeline for the community, it's crucial to impart the significance of environmental protection, rather than merely treating forest land as a conventional agricultural space for extraction and use.


The Foundation firmly upholds the belief that each person deserves access to quality education, a condition that can be enhanced within many communities in underdeveloped regions. We've set up a dedicated teaching facility and designed supplemental educational programs for elementary school students in South Lombok. By presenting opportunities for personal development and fostering proactive mindsets and awareness towards environmental issues, we aim to elevate the caliber of education they receive.

Invest Islands Foundation

Saudari Lombok

Saudari Lombok is a social enterprise initiative spearheaded by the Invest Islands Foundation. The program's primary objective is to uplift local women by implementing a sustainable business model. This model focuses on enabling women to realize their fullest potential by equipping them with valuable skills through training. Once prepared, they can create high-quality products for sale. The profits generated not only enhance their own livelihoods but also contribute to the betterment of the broader community.

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Sustainable and Organic Farming for Future Generations Nestled in Sengkol, Central Lombok, the Organiika team is dedicated to cultivating a nutritious and organic food source for local communities. Their commitment not only aids in supporting these communities but also enhances overall health standards. By imparting knowledge of these farming methods to local farmers, the team aims to extend this vision to other secluded areas throughout the island.

Permaculture Mandala Lombok

Bank Sampah Torok Raya

Initiated by the Invest Islands Foundation, Bank Sampah Torok Raya was established in 2019. With operations based in South Lombok, it showcases an unwavering dedication to safeguarding the environment while highlighting the importance of responsible waste management through community education. Its activities, from regular beach cleanups and running a full-scale recycling center to implementing diverse educational initiatives, are instrumental in forming a model project focused on coastal community-led waste management strategies. This prototype is designed for easy replication in other areas.

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ongoing projects

Beach Cleaning

Launched in 2019, the Saudari Lombok project is focused on cleaning the local beaches, reducing plastic waste, and creating job opportunities for the local community. A team of local women, all of which had gone through hardships in life, established the first women-led social enterprise in South Lombok.

Recycling Center

All waste that is collected from the beach cleaning project is sent to a recycling center. The waste material is recycled and converted into products that can be re-sold and used for eco-sustainable building.

Education Project

Prompting the creation of Invest Islands Foundation, education is a primary focus of the Foundations initiatives. These projects are focused on rebuilding schools, providing educational materials, and improving educational access for remote communities.

Organic Farming

The Organiika initiative focuses on the environmental and sustainability aspects of the Foundations’ mission. The farm uses organic farming methods, free of harmful chemicals to provide to the local community, in addition to teaching organic permacultre to local farmers.

Gran Meliá Lombok

"Gran Meliá Lombok is a game-changer for the island's lesser-explored southern coastline — finally a luxury option for those unwilling to sacrifice on comfort. Exceptional yet not exclusive, it is an amalgamation of residential and resort, with privately owned villas making it accessible to a wider market."

– Jack Brown, Co-Founder, Invest Islands

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The Masterplan

Gran Melia Lombok will be situated at the beautiful Torok Bay in the south of the island, surrounded by green hills and a beach with crystal-clear waters. The perfect destination to disconnect and enjoy a relaxed approach to life.The hotel will boast 22 luxury beachside villas and another 105 villas on the mountainside, all with private infinity pools and stunning ocean views. Careful attention will be paid to the architectural design, utilising natural elements that represent the essence of the destination.

The hotel will blend seamlessly with its natural environment, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in paradise. An abundance of large windows will allow in plentiful natural light and help the property merge with its surroundings, while the elegant furniture and warm tones convey a sense of pure luxury.


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