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Mandala Eco-Village aims to establish a sustainable community that cherishes both the planet and its residents. By embracing rewilded nature, renewable energy, rainwater collection, and a zero-waste objective, the village encourages people from all over the world to reconnect with nature.

What is an Eco-Village?

An eco-village is an intentional community committed to becoming more sustainable. In practice, this means that the resource inputs for the necessities of living come from local sources and are by and are by and large derived directly from nature in a way that allows nature to perpetually replenish itself and continually supply the needed materials. Eco-villages are also designed using whole systems design principles, to maximize overall quality of life for humans.


Earth serves as our temporary home, but it is also a remarkable planet that deserves to be cherished and shared, rather than exploited and depleted. Mandala Eco-Village upholds five essential pillars: permaculture, sustainable building and infrastructure, education, health and well-being, and waste management. Through rewilding nature, utilizing reusable energy, collecting rainwater, and pursuing a zero-waste objective, we engage individuals worldwide in sustainable living. By creating an international living community, we reconnect with nature, embark on a new chapter, and embrace a sustainable way of life.


The objective of Mandala Eco-Village is to create an ecologically conscious, sustainable living community that values the planet as much as its people. Bringing together citizens from around the world, the site is located on the southern coast of a naturally beautiful island that bathes in year-round sunshine and provides a utopian escape from the rat race of big city living.

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Mandala is a modern eco-village located on the southern coast of Lombok Island, a popular tourism destination and a naturally beautiful island that bathes in year-round sunshine and provides a luxury escape from the city.

The location of Mandala Eco-Village encompasses the best of both worlds. Situated amidst emerald rice fields it overlooks breathtaking ocean-views, plus views of the majestic Mount Rinjani to the North, and Indian Ocean views to the South. In addition, this area is close to well-known accessible places, such as, Lombok International Airport, Lembar port, Gili Mas port, Kuta Mandalika, Sade Village.

Lombok Island

Lombok is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and is in the West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. Located close to the popular tourist location Bali, Lombok is home to the Sasak people who are the dominant ethnic group of the island. It consists of 5 regions including North Lombok, Central Lombok, East Lombok, West Lombok, and Mataram City as a capital of West Nusa Tenggara.

There are a number of smaller islands that surround Lombok known as Gili. The area has a high tropical climate, luscious jungles, exceptional beaches, and endless rice fields.

International Airport

Also known as Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International airport, this airport is the only fully operational airport on the island of Lombok. The airport, initiated by the Government of Indonesia and regional NTB stakeholders, was a huge a milestone for tourism in Lombok and has created a gateway to paradise. The distance from Lombok International Airport to Mandala Eco-Village is only 45 minutes with stunning sights to see on the way.

Kuta Mandalika

Kuta Mandalika is located in Central Lombok and is designated as a special economic zone which stretches over 1,035.67 hectares of the southern coast of the Lombok Island. At only 30 minutes from Mandala Eco-Village, it is situated near other popular spots including Seger Beach, Tanjung Aan Beach, Merese Hill, and the Mandalika International Street Circuit. It is one of Lombok’s most exceptional beaches that offers an uncrowded and relaxing experience.

Torok Hills

Just 30 minutes from the soon-to-be bustling area of Kuta-Mandalika, Torok Bay offers tropical tranquility and panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Less than an hour to Lombok International Airport and never more than 2km on foot to a beach, this location is perfect for those looking for relaxation but to also be close to local activities.

Mandala Foundation

The Mandala Foundation places great emphasis on education, welfare, health, and the environment as its four key pillars. With a clear vision in mind, the foundation actively works towards enhancing the environment, driving positive social change, and fostering prosperity through education. Equally important is their mission to help residents realize their aspirations by focusing on education, social development, healthcare, and sustainable agriculture.

Driven by a commitment to human resource and social business development, the foundation's programs encompass education, health and well-being, permaculture, and waste management. Carefully designed to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), these initiatives aim to uplift the quality of life for individuals by caring for the community and the surrounding environment. With a global perspective and a deep respect for cultural values and local wisdom, the foundation strives to make a meaningful impact.

Lombok land

Organic Waste Conversion System

In collaboration with BSF Lombok and Organiika by Invest Islands Foundation, the Mandala Foundation has established a regenerative agriculture learning center program that incorporates organic waste management. This center empowers the local community in Kuta, Mandalika, Lombok, providing knowledge and skills to transform agricultural waste into valuable organic fertilizers and animal feed. It also promotes sustainable regenerative agriculture practices, reducing the reliance on chemical fertilizers.


In collaboration with Islamic Relief Indonesia, we are dedicated to providing cataract surgeries to elderly residents in the vicinity of Mandala. Our joint effort aims to improve their quality of life by restoring their vision and empowering them to actively participate in daily activities. By addressing the issue of cataracts, our goal is to promote healthy aging and enhance the overall well-being of the elderly community surrounding Mandala.

Invest Islands Foundation

Hunger Prevention Program

To achieve our vision and mission, we are committed to enhancing the welfare, health, and education of underprivileged individuals. As part of our efforts, we have collaborated with the Islamic Relief Indonesia (IRI) Foundation on the Hunger Prevention Program. This initiative aims to assist children affected by COVID-19 by providing them with Rp. 1.200.000,- to meet their basic needs. The program commenced in December 2021 and remains ongoing. We are pleased to report that the project has received full support and has successfully accomplished its primary goals and objectives.

Invest Islands Foundation



Invest Islands

Invest Islands is a prominent real estate investment company in Lombok, renowned for its commitment to style and sustainability in its premium projects. Founded by Kevin Deisser and Jack Brown in 2015, the company's vision is to identify undervalued plots of land throughout the Indonesian archipelago and collaborate with award-winning architects and designers to create stunning developments that elevate the profile of each destination.

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Islamic Relief Indonesia

Islamic Relief Indonesia plays a vital role in helping families restore their livelihoods and rebuild local economies. They provide comprehensive disaster risk reduction training to schools, religious buildings, and communities. Through their MoU with the Ministry of Home Affairs, they engage in socio-economic development, water and sanitation, education for orphans, disaster preparedness, and emergency response, supporting communities in various critical areas.

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Bambook Sustainable Architecture & Design is a renowned studio and consultancy located in Lombok, Indonesia. Their mission revolves around harmonizing clients' design aspirations with the imperative of environmental sustainability. They offer solutions that not only deliver exceptional design quality but also contribute to a low carbon future. Notable among Bambook's projects is Villa Serena, the pioneering Net Zero Luxury Villa in Lombok, recognized for being the first to supply carbon-free power to the National Grid.

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Pablo Luna

Pablo Luna studio specializes in the design, development, and production of art, jewelry, and architecture using bamboo and other natural materials. Founded with the mission to advance the study of this architectural movement, the studio now pioneers dynamic and sustainable architectural practices. Their innovative projects span across South East Asia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Chile, showcasing their commitment to creating environmentally conscious and culturally inspired designs.

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HWCD Consulting is a team of specialists in Health, Wellness, and Community Development. Led by Romy Hidayat, an experienced professional with over a decade of involvement in public health, particularly in the field of maternal and child healthcare. Romy possesses expertise in utilizing data to formulate public health policies for provincial governments. In 2020, Romy was entrusted with the coordination of the National Action Plan Taskforce, further demonstrating their leadership and dedication to advancing healthcare initiatives.



Widhi Nugroho is the visionary founder and chief architect of Studio WNA, an esteemed architecture consultancy firm based in Bali. This renowned firm excels not only in architectural design but also in product and interior design. Studio WNA specializes in utilizing bamboo as a construction material, and their exceptional designs can be witnessed throughout Indonesia, as well as in Malaysia, Thailand, India, and China. With their innovative approach and commitment to sustainable practices, Studio WNA continues to leave a mark in the world of architecture and design.

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Bio Arc

Bio Arc, established by Juan Schlosser, is a pioneering social enterprise design firm that specializes in the emerging field of bio-architecture. With a strong emphasis on creating natural living environments, Bio Arc is known for their expertise in bamboo dome structures, meticulously designed to possess distinct energetic qualities that promote the awakening of higher faculties in individuals. The firm actively encourages collaboration between designers, developers, and bio-architects, fostering a multidisciplinary approach to sustainable and transformative design.

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Educathink Tank

Educathink Tank is an esteemed education consultancy based in Lombok and founded by Ahmad Junaidi. With a focus on curriculum development and learning program policies, the consultancy offers valuable guidance to schools, learning centers, government agencies, and other entities. Their services encompass a wide range of expertise, including literacy syllabus design, material development, scholarship preparation, and English proficiency enhancement. Educathink Tank strives to empower educational institutions and organizations by providing comprehensive support in various aspects of education.

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Wise Steps

Wise Steps is the pioneering sustainable tourism consultancy in Indonesia, providing solutions for destination management organizations. Led by founder Nalendra Mochamad, their expert team specializes in rural destination development, sustainable tourism practices, and effective marketing strategies. They offer new perspectives and innovative technologies to manage risks and promote sustainable development in the tourism sector.

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MJB Hoteliers

Founded by Michael Burchett in 2012, MJB Hoteliers is a leading provider of hospitality management and consulting services. Their expertise extends to both new-build and existing projects, with notable achievements including the establishment and management of the Mantra Group Australia in Indonesia. MJB Hoteliers also plays a vital role in supporting Wyndham Destinations across the Asia Pacific region, showcasing their continued involvement in driving excellence in the hospitality industry.

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Bakti Boemi

Established in 2019 and led by Fauziana, an indigenous Sasak woman, Bakti Boemi is a Lombok-based company dedicated to supporting permaculture, biodiversity, homesteading, and ecological education. Their primary focus is on resort landscape and maintenance, prioritizing ecological and sustainable practices. Bakti Boemi plays a pivotal role in creating standard operational procedures, conducting workshops, and implementing reporting systems to ensure efficient work progress under the management's control. Their commitment to ecological and sustainable principles sets the foundation for their work in the industry.

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Dikarya is a professional architect committed to providing you with exceptional service. With expertise in sustainable architecture, eco-friendly construction, and bamboo structures, Dikarya has successfully completed numerous projects in Lombok. Rest assured that Dikarya is dedicated to delivering maximum satisfaction and ensuring that your architectural needs are met with excellence.

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The success of Mandala Eco-Village is intertwined with our trusted partners who bring added value to the project.


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