A New Way of Living

Mandala Ethos

Seeking a nature-rooted lifestyle? Join Mandala Eco-Village. Enjoy organic food, eco-friendly practices, and personal passions in a supportive community. We value sustainability, rotating leadership, and consensus decision-making. Become part of our vibrant community where every voice matters.

Living in Mandala

Mandala Eco-Village champions a sustainable life, blending modernity with tradition in harmony with nature. Our community prioritises environmental sustainability, embracing co-living and connection to the natural world. Days start with leisurely bike rides or surfing, and meals are fresh from our gardens. Here, we live in tune with nature, far from the rush of traffic.

Use Natural Resources

Respect for nature includes using renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, and reclaimed building materials. A huge part of living sustainably is producing no waste. Mandala Eco-Village uses sustainable items, re-use what we can, and recycle what we can’t.

Educate the Community

Mandala Eco-Village promotes positive values like ecology, solidarity, equality, tolerance, generosity, diversity, hospitality, respect, collaboration among people, and self-sufficiency. Live in a sustainable community with shared visions of a sustainable life.

Successful Co-Existence

Commitment to these ideals encourages dialogue and participation in communities that resolves disputes through discussion, and whose members are more likely to take part in decision making. Every single member of the village may have an input in this process, if they want to.

Responsible Economy

Mandala Eco-Village chooses regenerative technologies and activities, such as bioclimatic architecture and organic agriculture, and does not use machinery or chemical pesticides that harm the land. Mandala also consumes less energy to help the fight against global warming.

Key Principles

Harmony and Unity

Our co-living approach promotes peace, unity, and community spirit among our inhabitants.

Environmental Stewardship

By consuming less energy and contributing to the fight against global warming, we demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Nature Conservation

Our respect for nature guides our overall approach to sustainability and drives our focus on a greener lifestyle.

Responsible Resource Management

We prioritize responsible use of natural resources, waste reduction, and the use of reclaimed building materials.

Holistic Sustainability

We nurture mind, body, and soul through a lifestyle centred on ecological, social, and economic sustainability.

Responsible Economy

We adopt regenerative technologies and activities like bioclimatic architecture and organic agriculture, while avoiding harmful machinery or chemical pesticides.

Community Values and Education

We promote values such as ecology, solidarity, diversity, respect, collaboration, and self-sufficiency. Education is key in cultivating a shared vision of sustainability and fostering co-existence.

Active Participation and Inclusion

We encourage open dialogue, active participation, and inclusive decision-making processes within our community.

Our Pillars

Craving a deeper connection with nature for a more meaningful life? Join the crowd. At Mandala Eco-Village, we foster a sustainable, balanced lifestyle in harmony with our environment. Built on the pillars of nature preservation, sustainable living, holistic wellness, social connection, and personal growth, our community welcomes those seeking an eco-friendly life.


Schools are essential foundations for the future of our planet. They can become demonstration sites for appropriate technologies and climate change adaptation, starting with food and nutrition security. Education is the perfect entry point for learning materials on sustainable community development. It is in schools that we find the next generation of leaders. The Mandala International Schools for Sustainable Communities Program establishes green schools as hubs of inspiration for whole community transformation. In addition to the education and development of the children, this will be a foundation for intentional community.

Permaculture design

The concept of a permaculture design in Mandala Eco-Village village is a natural process to take the design intention to the next level of human settlement, beyond the farm, to the village level. We use nature as our learning point to reclaim our innate ability to understand systems and hone our systems thinking skills. By designing with nature, we not only save time and energy; we repurpose carbon and water, build soil, and regenerate degraded ecosystems and communities, all while meeting the needs of our people and creating new possibilities. This also fosters environmental awareness amongst the communities of the eco-village.

Sustainable Building & infrastructure

Mandala Eco-Village is envisioned on the concept of sustainable living and strives to create a sustainable community that values the planet and the people within it. We manifest our sustainability values in the principles of how we develop and live within the community, in harmony. Our sustainability principles focus on six fundamental aspects: landscape, architectural design, architecture material, energy, water, and waste. It is the beautiful eco-village architecture. A sustainable infrastructure is the foundation and the communities we create are the heart of an eco-village.

Health & wellbeing

Live in a community and enjoy shared laughter with your close neighbors with whom you have manifested your common dream of building a village together. Mandala Eco-Village allows for a better lifestyle and positive feelings, where the body responds by being healthier. With a food supply that is unprocessed, pesticide, fungicide, insecticide and chemical-free, it is much healthier; also, food that is eaten when freshly picked is far more nutritious. Stress is non-existent; relax and enjoy the sunshine, the rain and the surrounding nature. This is the perfect place for eco-friendly living.

Waste management

Solid waste management is a comprehensive discipline, including controlling the waste generation, storage, transfer, and disposal in the best way for public health. While the benefits of solid waste management have been realized all over the world, now it’s time for eco-friendly methods to foster. By using these techniques, we can save our precious environment in many ways and create eco-friendly villages.

5 pillars


Mandala Eco-Village offers an outstanding sustainable lifestyle that is connected and in touch with nature. It is more than just a housing development, it's a community of like-minded people, and any good community comes with amenities for the residents.

Medical Clinic

A medical clinic is available to cater to the healthcare needs of the Mandala Eco-Village community, making it one of the vital community facilities in the village.

Learning Center

Mandala International Learning Center fosters a global community of learners focused on sustainability. Through their programs, students develop sustainable thinking and actions, discovering their values, interests, and talents along the way.

Permaculture Garden

Communal vegetable gardens and fruit orchards are essential elements of village life. The community collectively tends to these gardens, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and collaboration to provide food for all members. These green spaces will be strategically located around the village, offering an open area for everyone to enjoy.

Community Center

The community center will serve as a fantastic hub for residents to gather, enjoy shared meals, and connect with fellow community members. It offers a valuable opportunity for socializing and fostering meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals.

Restaurants/ Bars/Shops

At the heart of Mandala Eco-Village, you'll find charming restaurants serving delectable dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. Indulge in a menu that celebrates the flavors of the region. Additionally, you can explore delightful shops offering local crafts and other goods, providing an opportunity to support local artisans and bring home unique treasures.

Yoga Retreats

For those seeking an escape from the mundane and a chance to reconnect with their inner selves, a wellness retreat is the perfect choice. Mandala Eco-Village offers a serene haven of natural harmony where you can let go, realign your focus, and recalibrate. It serves as an ideal spiritual pathway for self-discovery.

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